The Game Conference Game

The Game Conference Game: A Young Developer’s Interactive Primer

Note: This was made in Flash which is now deprecated.  Ruffle is used to emulate flash so that it is playable. While Ruffle is very good, it’s emulation is not 100% yet.

Critical Acclaim for the Game Conference Game:

“It is like a serious game version of rogue” – John M. Quick

“Awesome. Finished.” – Independent Games Festival Judge

The Game Conference Game was first shown during Indiecade Europe at GameCity

4 thoughts on “The Game Conference Game

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  3. Kate

    Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed this (although I’d have definitely got a higher score if I’d have been able to use z,x,< and l as controls like in all my old school games!) I especially liked the description of it being "a The Games Conference at the end! Nice work 🙂


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